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“I’m almost done with this chapter.” That’s what I told the impatient flight attendant who asked me to get off the plane so she could get to her hotel. Be prepared to say that to your family, friends, your boss, or a police officer because this book grabs you and doesn’t let go until the very last page.
C David Belt, one of the premier voices in LDS paranormal fiction, delivers again with this tale of witchcraft, love, magic, and power. You’ll be enchanted with Tabitha and her mom, Molly, as they try to begin life over again in rural Missouri in 1978 only to find a new evil waiting for them. Tabitha must navigate a new high school, new friends, and new powers. Powers that Magnus, the High Priest of the Circle wants to control. Tabitha and her mom must learn who they can trust before it’s too late.
Belt deftly weaves in themes of control, sexual abuse, and the abuse of authority with magic, humor, and one young woman’s journey to discover who she really is. While certainly not graphic in nature, this book addresses rape, incest, and sexual assault and is written for a mature audience, but a mature LDS audience.
So, grab your mug of hot chocolate and get ready to settle in, y’all’re about to go one hel-, er, heck of a ride.

Dan Earl – DeWitt, MI

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I’m not a horror fan, but I do love a story where the characters overcome overwhelming odds. Tabitha’s father made bad choices that destroyed her family. Tabitha and her mom are trying to start over and find themselves in a little town that is quite un-hospitable to Mormons. Tabitha is trying to understand who she really is now that life has changed so much and wondering how she might put her life back together. Those who befriend her want to use her, and she finds herself in the middle of a trap that is truly unique to her and seems to offer somethings that she has always wanted. The trap blinds her to the reality and the temptations that she is facing. She has to fall back on her faith and learn to trust others, which after being betrayed by her father is incredibly difficult. She discovers things about the past that help her to remember how to rely on inspiration from a loving Heavenly Father. This is truly a unique story. David Belt is a masterful story-teller and had me wondering how things could possibly work out from the very first chapter.

Dean R. Giles, Author of “Dragons Restored” – Provo, UT

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This book was not afraid to tackle some hard questions. I loved the exploration of how a teenage girl might reconcile her magical powers with a Christian-based faith. Though it’s set nearly 40 years ago, I found Tabitha’s journey to find her place as a woman extremely relevant today. The Witch of White Lady Hollow examines some pretty complex issues. While not graphic in it’s portrayal, the story addresses sexual assault and rape with raw honesty and vulnerability. I stayed up far past my bedtime to see how Tabitha and Molly were going to fare as they navigated their new move, new friends, Tabitha’s new magic, and new romances, and I was not disappointed.

Crystal Brinkerhoff

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C. David Belt has a real way with character development, creating an interesting story, and keeping you wondering what in the world is going to happen next; thus, it can be a challenge to put the book down!

Most of the time while reading The Witch of White Lady Hollow, I was reminded of how it feels to be a participant in a murder mystery dinner party. This was a murder mystery dinner in book form–sometimes even complete with an actual meal for me to munch on whilst continuing to further my reading after a good, long workday.

I had an easy time painting the town and scenes from the book in my head; I felt like I was there in the mind of each character as the author transported me, the reader, from chapter to chapter, exploring the vantage point that each character had on any given event in the story.

I enjoyed the time I spent getting to know the Moonshadows and their friends, foes, and associates. (By the way, “Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens is an excellent song!) Also, discovering the clues and piecing them together helped keep the old noggin sharp, which was a very mentally-satisfying activity. Thanks for the opportunity, David!

Alison Barton – Salt Lake City, UT

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